Maternity Care & Pregnancy Scanning

At the Surrey park clinic we believe it is important that mothers-to-be have a choice of care during their pregnancy. By offering pregnancy scans from as early as 6 weeks, to private Consultant led Obstetrician care throughout your pregnancy, you are able to choose what services are best for you and when you need them.


Private Pregnancy Scans

From Early Viability scans from 6 weeks to offer you peace of mind, to Gender/Growth scans from 16 weeks, our patients are given the highest quality of care for each an every appointment. 

All appointments are 30 minutes long and there are not additional costs for extra time or additional pictures to be printed. 

The clinic is open Monday – Saturday with early morning appointments available. 



Harmony Screening

A DNA-based blood test for Down Syndrome. Harmony is more accurate than traditional tests and can be performed as early as 10 weeks in pregnancy.

When you’re pregnant, your blood contains fragments of your baby’s DNA. The Harmony Test is a new type of test that analyses this DNA in a sample of your blood to assess the risk of:

  • Down syndrome (trisomy 21)
  • Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18)
  • Patau syndrome (trisomy 13)

Consultant Obstetrician

Mr Haytham Khalil is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, offering obstetric care to Women during their pregnancy. With years of experience in a range of teaching hospitals across London and private deliveries at the Portland Hospital in London, Mr Khalil’s focus is ensuring each patient recovers the highest quality of care. Read more about him here.

How to Book an Appointment

For Pregnancy scans and Harmony Screening appointments, you can book online.

To book an appointment for Antenatal Consultations, simply call the clinic on 0800 049 6944 or complete the below contact form and a member of the team will get in touch within 12 workings hours.

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