What is Colposcopy?

Colposcopy is a simple, quick and painless procedure conducted by one of our specialist Gynaecologist Consultants. The procedure looks closely at the cells in the neck of a woman’s womb (cervix). Colposcopy is often carried out if a Cervical Screening finds abnormal cells in the cervix. Abnormal Cells are not always harmful and often go away on their own, but sometimes there can be a risk that these cells could eventually turn into Cervical Cancer. A Colposcopy can confirm whether there are abnormal cells in the cervix and determine if any further treatment is needed to remove them.

If you are pregnant the Colposcopy procedure will not affect the delivery of your baby, nor will it affect your ability to become pregnant in the future. Treatment is usually postponed however, until after the delivery of your baby.

At the Surrey Park Clinic we offer appointments during evenings and weekends to patients who require a Colposcopy procedure. The simplest and easiest way to book an appointment, is to call us on 01483 454016 and a member of the team will get back to you within 12 working hours.

What happens during a Colposcopy examination?

The Colposcopy procedure involves the use of an instrument called a Colposcope. The Colposcope does not touch you or go inside you and the procedure itself will usually only last 15 – 20 minutes.

Similar to Cervical Screening, a speculum is inserted into your vagina and the Consultant will look at your cervix using a Colposcope. The Colposcope is a specially adapted type of microscope.

The Consultant will then put a type of dye onto your cervix to help identify and highlight any areas of abnormal cells. The abnormal areas will appear white. If any abnormal area is identified, a small sample of tissue – a biopsy – will be taken from the surface of the cervix. A biopsy is about the size of a pinhead. You may feel a slight stinging, but it should not be painful.

When will I be given the diagnosis?

You will not be given the diagnosis immediately after the examination. The results usually take 1 – 2 weeks to return. Once the results have been received, you will be required to have a follow up appointment with your Consultant to discuss the results of the biopsy and if treatment is required.

What is involved in the treatment for Colposcopy?

LLETZ (Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone), is the most common treatment used in the UK. LLETZ uses a loop with an electric current that passes through it, to remove the abnormal cells from your cervix. This procedure is carried out by your Consultant in the clinic under local anaesthetic.

If you have abnormal or precancerous cells, your Consultant may offer you treatment to remove them. This will depend on how abnormal your cells are and how far down into your cervix they go. If you need treatment, your Consultant will be able to advise which option is best for you.

Will I need further check-ups and appointments?

Further appointments will be required to ensure that your cervix is healthy. Your Consultant will recommend when to book your follow up appointments.

During appointments following your treatment, your Consultant will do a Cervical Screening and may do another Colposcopy examination.

How to book an appointment?

The simplest and easiest way to book your appointment is to call us on 01483 454016. Alternatively, complete the Contact Form below and a member of the team will be in touch with you within 12 working hours.

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