Donor Treatment Abroad

Donor Treatment in Spain

In certain cases, patients may need to embark on treatment using donated eggs. Egg donation in Spain is anonymous and altruistic, according to current Spanish legislation. Before a female donor is assigned to a recipient couple, she undergoes a strict testing before she can donate her eggs.

For patients who opt to use anonymous donors, we work with an independent clinic in Spain who source donors. We will provide you with the guidance and they will work with you to match a donor that meets your requirements.

Our partner clinic have over 20 years experience working with international patients. The treatment packages are tailored to each patients’ requirements and patients are prepared at the clinic in Guildford and only make a short trip to Spain for the embryo transfer.

Being one of the first programmes in Spain and a leading egg donation centre in Europe, the clinic have a large number of egg cell donations in our repository and the social and cultural status of the donors guarantee:

  • No waiting times
  • Rigorous medical and genetic screenings of donor candidates
  • The most compatible donor from a medical perspective is selected
  • An exclusive donor for each receptor, which results in a better quality of egg cells and a higher number for donation.
  • Guarantee an average donation of 11 egg cells and a minimum amount of 8 high quality eggs donated
  • A thorough selection of physical characteristics that are similar to the receptor’s

The patients will attend an initial consultation at The Surrey Park Clinic where any required blood tests, scans and the paperwork is completed. You will be assigned to a consultant and nurse at the Surrey Park Clinic, along with being prepared and monitored throughout your treatment before going for Embryo Transfer.

Advantages of donating eggs

  • It’s the reproductive medicine technique which gives the best results
  • It does not involve ovarian hormonal stimulation or daily injections to the receptor
  • It does not require anaesthesia or sedation
  • It yields the lowest rates of miscarriage caused by chromosomal abnormalities related to age
  • Undergoing egg donation with The Surrey Park Clinic also comes with the assurance of flawless management at each stage of treatment

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