Fertility Treatment Packages

At The Surrey Park Clinic we realise that fertility treatment can be a stressful process. The clinic offers a very unique model of care where you are seen throughout your treatment by your Consultant. By having direct access to your consultant and the rest of the fertility team throughout your treatment, you are free to contact them whatever the time of day or however small your enquiry may be.

There are no hidden costs at The Surrey Park Clinic and we feel passionately about giving patients excellent levels of care without having to worry about additional services that were not initially included. Our treatment prices are inclusive and transparent with treatment cycles starting from as little as £2000. Please note, before all treatment an Initial Consultation must take place to determine which treatment is most suitable for you.

Simply call us on 01483 454 016 to discuss the options available and to answer any questions you may have.

  • Initial Fertility Consultation
  • £595
  • Includes initial appointment with Consultant, scan and hormone blood tests (AMH, FSH, LH).
  • Semen Analysis
  • £160
  • This test looks for antibodies in semen that can damage or kill the sperms resulting in reduced motility. Please note a £50 nurse fee will be added unless you are seeing a consultant at The Surrey Park Clinic
  • Hycosy
  • £730
  • Hysterosalpingo-contract-sonography to check the fallopian tubes. A consultation must be booked alongside procedure
  • IVF Cycle
  • £4450
  • Includes follicle tracking scans, blood tests, egg collection, embryo transfer, blastocyst culture and follow up appointment.
  • ICSI Cycle
  • £5250
  • Includes follicle tracking scans, blood test, egg collection and embryo transfer, blastocyst culture, micro injection of sperm and follow up appointment.
  • Donor Cycle
  • From £5250
  • Includes all scans, blood tests, appointments and embryo transfer (please note this fee excludes the cost of the donor sample).
  • Annual Freezing Charges
  • £800
  • Every year after £350. Applies only following egg collection.
  • Frozen Embryo Egg Transfer
  • £1995
  • Includes consultation, follicle tracking scans and blood test
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