Ultrasound Scans

Do you need an ultrasound scan? Our ultrasonographers are available every day including Saturdays, with prices starting from £99.

We have appointments available on the same day – simply call us on 01483 917 507.

What is an ultrasound scan?

This is a non-invasive way of looking at different parts of the body to make a diagnosis and also to monitor changes within the body such as ovarian cysts or pregnancy.

Hear from ultrasonographer, Kay Haynes

  • Pregnancy
  • Symptoms such as pelvic pain, or bleeding in pregnancy can be very worrying. Whilst the symptoms may not be severe enough for your GP to feel that a scan is justified, it nevertheless may be very helpful to have a private scan of the affected area in order to rule out a problem or provide reassurance.
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  • Gynaecological
  • Certain symptoms benefit from an pelvic and/or abdominal ultrasound scan to enable your consultant to see any possible internal issue. At the Surrey Park Clinic we offer a private scanning service for your peace of mind.
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  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Ovarian cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women and we can offer urgent appointments for screening or patients that have had a negative smear and would like to see a specialist.
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  • Harmony Prenatal
  • The Harmony Prenatal Test is a DNA-based blood test for Down Syndrome. Harmony is more accurate than traditional tests and can be performed as early as 10 weeks in pregnancy. At The Surrey Park Clinic you can book this test for an appointment the same day and you do not need a referral.
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Who does the scans?

At the Surrey Park Clinic we have a very experienced team of female ultrasonographers who are fully accredited within the NHS.

Kay Haynes

Kay joined us in 2006 and has 31 years experience as a Radiographer and has been an  Ultrasonographer…

Jo Randell

Jo joined us in 2018 and has 13 years experience in ultrasound, specialising in Women's health.. Jo has…

Teg Lalli

Teg Lalli is a skilled Sonographer with experience working within both the NHS and private healthcare sectors, ranging…

Rhiannon Gray

Rhiannon is an experienced and skilled sonographer with current roles within both the NHS and private sector. She…

My sonographer was a delight. Friendly, professional and caring. Coming from a nursing and care background, people like her are hard to find nowadays.”