Reflexology is an alternative medicine involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. Liz Vogel IIR, MAR, RGN, specialises in reflexology for fertility, pregnancy and women's health.

Supporting you through conception

  • Around 25% of couples that undergo fertility investigation can be given no obvious reason why they cannot concieve
  • Stress is a complex condition and whilst trying to conceive can affect almost all parts of the body and there is evidence to suggest that it can affect fertility
  • If you are tying to conceive reflexology can help support both partners physically and emotionally
  • Case studies where no reason for infertility can be given but following reflexology conception has occurred

Supporting you through pregnancy

  • Maternity reflexology can be of great support to women throughout pregnancy and promote well being
  • Maternity reflexology aims to optimise the the emotional health of pregnant women

Women’s Health and Reflexology

  • Hormones can effect the mind and emotions. Reflexology can aid well being and reduce stress levels that affect how the hormones work within the body

Case Study 1

A 23 year old lady who wasn’t ovulating, had Polycystic ovaries and a polyp on her uterus. Her husband had been told also he had a varicocele and a low sperm count. They had been told they would never conceive naturally. As she was so stressed she thought she would try Reflexology. Had weekly sessions.. and is now 13 weeks pregnant.”

Case Study 2

A 35 year old lady with a 3 year old child had been trying to conceive for over a year. She started reflexology to help her relax. Saw a consultant gynaecologist who did a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and found extensive Endometriosis. In December 2014 continued with reflexology weekly and is now 23 weeks pregnant.”

Case Study 3

A very complex case with various medical issues following years of infertility. The patient had an irregular menstrual cycle of 50 days and decided to try reflexology to regulate her cycle. Reflexology was a success and her pattern became 28-35 days. In 2013 the patient fell unexpectedly pregnant but unfortunately had a miscarriage at 6-7 weeks. She then sought the help of a fertility consultant who carried out a laparoscopy and discovered she ‘kinked’ tubes also she was advised her egg reserve was low and was started on Clomid for 3 cycles. Nothing happened and then as a last resort tried reflexology as it had been so effective in the past. The patient is now 19 weeks pregnant.”


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A holistic approach to female health

At the Surrey Park Clinic we believe in offering alternative options including reflexology which has been shown to have many beneficial gains.
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