Maternity Care & Scans

At the Surrey park clinic we have a number of services that patients choose to pay for privately, we can also offer same day scans and blood tests. We are very fortunate to have an experienced consultant obstetrician Mr Haytham Khalil that has just joined our team, he offers flexible care for women throughout their pregnancy to provide added re-assurance.

Services in Pregnancy:

  • Private consultant obstetrican led care for the pregnancy (not including the delivery)
  • Private maternity scans available at the Surrey Park Clinic
  • Harmony Prenatal Down Syndrome Test
  • Additional blood tests/diagnostics

Private consultant obstetrician led care

At the Surrey Park Clinic, we put women at the centre of their own maternity care and empower them to make decisions about the support and treatment they need during their pregnancy. We offer Consultant-led care for mothers-to-be during their pregnancy for those who prefer to be looked after by a consultant obstetrician. Your obstetrician will advise on all aspects of your antenatal and obstetric care, they will see you monthly and complete blood tests and scans. Patients can then choose to deliver on the NHS or deliver privately with our consultant. Appointments are available from £245.

At the Surrey Park Clinic, we offer personalised care at our welcoming clinic at a time to suit you. Please call the clinic on01483 454 016 to arrange your consultation.

Mr Haytham KhalilMr Haytham Khalil

Mr Haytham Khalil is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist now joining the Surrey Park Clinic. He will be offering appointments to Women during their pregnancy. Mr Khalil has years of experience in a range of teaching hospitals in London and offers private deliveries at the Portland Hospital in London.

He will be offering patients out-patients reviews and consultants to patients during pregnancy. He works closely with the nurses and sonographers at the clinic to provide patients with the support and re-assurance they require through their pregnancy. The packages are tailored to the patients needs or patients can choose to book an appointment as required. Mr Khalil offers a truly holistic and patient-centered approach to healthcare allows him to offer a complete package of care, which encompasses a multitude of patient requirements.

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