Vaginal Enlargement

Narrowing of the vagina occurs with age and loss of oestrogen and testosterone hormone production. It can also get much tighter and less elastic after radiotherapy for some cancers.

The vagina is normally well supplied with blood vessels and is characterised by ‘rugae’ or concertina folds to accommodate intercourse, childbirth etc. The vaginal opening is also elastic and expandable.

With gradual loss of hormone production the vaginal skin becomes thinner, more rigid and less elastic resulting eventually in a thin non-expandable tube.

Vaginal Enlargement Treatment

  • Local oestrogen
    This can improve the elasticity over months and years and can reverse the problem almost completely.
  • Vaginal Dilators
    These should be used in conjunction with topical oestrogen to gradually improve ability to cope with intercourse.  Intercourse should not be attempted until the appropriate width of dilator is achieved.
  • Surgery
    The opening up of the vaginal entrance surgically or with laser helps but only when there is adequate oestrogen in the area to allow proper healing afterwards.Nutrition and sugar control is also important to ensure proper healing after this surgery. Your doctor will advise you.

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