Itchy Skin

It is not widely known but hormone imbalances can play havoc with our skin causing it to be itchy, dry and even spotty!

Most women will from time to time experience itchy skin that does not seem to have an obvious cause. In some cases it can be caused by changes to levels of oestrogen – the hormone oestrogen is vital for our skin’s health.

Our hormone levels naturally fluctuate throughout out lives, however our oestrogen levels fall considerably as we approach the menopause. Low levels can affect collagen production and can cause the skin to lose it’s natural oils which consequently causes both dryness and itchiness.

Other causes of itching skin include, allergies (although in theses cases antihistamines would usually be effective), side-effects to medication, a byproduct of stress or, more uncommonly, a sign of an illness such as diabetes.

How can itchy skin be treated

A consultation with a specialist will determine the cause of your itchy skin. The following methods of treatment are available when a hormonal trigger is found:

hormones itchy skin

A comprehensive consultation

At the Surrey Park Clinic our specialist consultants can review your symptoms and identify the causes of itchy skin and other accompanying concerns.
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