Burning Tongue

Often women going through menopause are afflicted by a sensation of a burning mouth or tongue, commonly known as burning mouth syndrome.

What are the signs?

A persistent sensation of burning in the mouth, (akin to the sensation of burning one may experience after drinking a hot beverage), commonly without any visible source of the pain. The sensation is not constrained to the tongue, and can be experienced in the lips, cheeks and throat too.

What causes ‘Burning Tongue Syndrome’?

Burning tongue is often associated with low oestrogen levels and is therefore a frequent complaint of peri-menopausal and menopausal women. Burning Tongue Syndrome can also be caused by: diabetes, a side effect of certain medications, an allergic reaction, depression or nutritional deficiencies (among other causes).

burning tongue syndrome

How can it be treated?

A simple blood test will determine whether such symptoms are be the result of a hormone imbalance. At The Surrey Park Clinic, we concentrate on treating the symptoms of burning tongue by correcting any low hormone levels via a combination of lifestyle changes and supplementary hormones tailoring. Related topics Hormones & Menopause, Menopause Clinic & HRT, Blood Tests

A consultation can help to establish the cause of Burning Mouth Syndrome

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