Hormone Implants

An implant is an effective way of delivering oestrogen and /or testosterone into the circulation without the need for patches and tablets. The implant is inserted under the skin under local anaesthetic, usually under the bikini line or in the buttock area.

How long will it last?

An implant usually lasts around six months.

hormone implants

What are the advantages of Hormone Implants?

Implants are good for people who do not absorb by tablet and who experience patch irritation or no response. You can give testosterone with it which is good for mood, energy and libido.

What are the disadvantages of Hormone Implants?

Having an implant requires a procedure and is slightly more difficult remove if it does not suit. Towards the end of the implant life symptoms can recur (see diagram below) and it will need to be corrected with other types of oestrogen.

If implants are inserted too frequently acclimatisation (tachyphylaxis) can occur. Blood levels need to be checked one to two weeks before each implant is inserted to ensure levels have not risen too high.

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