General Price Guide

If you have medical insurance your consultation and/or treatments may be covered, please note the prices below are for guidance only. Contact our customer services for an extensive price list on 01483 454016.


Gynaecology / Hormone

New Patient (Consultant)


Follow Up (Consultant)


Annual Review


Fertility Joint Appointment- New includes scan and blood tests


Dietician New Patient (90 minutes)


Dietician Follow Up





Telephone Consultation


Results Report - for blood tests only


Tests and Screening

Cervical Smear Test (only) using liquid based cytology with consultant


Smear, Cytology & HPV with consultant


Smear, Cytology & HPV with nurse







Gardasil (HPV) injection


HVS (High vaginal swab)


Ovarian Cancer Screening (incl. detailed ovarian scan, blood test, specialist report and advice)


Ovarian Cancer Screening and HE4 ROMA


Harmony prenatal test Scan, nurses appointment & blood test


Mammogram Referral


General Blood Tests starting from £40 contact us for a price.

Full Blood Count (anaemia check)



Glucose Levels


Glucose Tolerance Test with Insulin Levels (2 hr fasting test for insulin resistance, diabetes, & abdominal weight gain)


Insulin Levels


Thyroid Function

Full Thyoid Function Test (inc antibodies)


TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)


Thyroxine Levels


Thyroid Antibodies


Hormone Testing

Full Hormone Profile (LH, FSH, oestradiol, prolactin, testosterone, SHBG)






Oestrogen Level


Testosterone Level


Progesterone Level


Cortisol Level






Cortisol Level


Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH)


PCO Profile






Hormone Implants (includes insertion)

50mg Oestradiol


75mg Oestradiol


100mg Oestradiol




Testosterone and Oestrogen


Injections (long-acting)

Nebido testosterone


Coil Insertion (intra uterine device under local anaesthetic)

Mirena Insertion (with progesterone)


Removal of Mirena


Replacement/ Insertion of IUD


PROCEDURES Exc pathology/pharmacy

Minor Ops Punch biopsy of cervix/ Small excision of lesion of vulva/ Removal of vaginal wart/ Endometrial Biopsy


Labial Reduction (inc pharmacy/ Exc con)


Miscarriage Profile

Including Chromosomes


Without Chromosomes


Karotype Bloods


Sexual Health Screening from £60 please call us for more information.

Tumour Markers

CA125 (ovarian/pelvic tumour marker)


CA153 (breast tumour marker)






A copy of our Fees Policy is available on request

Deposit policy to secure your appointment
If the appointment is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice the deposit will be lost. If cancelled with more than 48 hours notice then it can be carried over to the next appointment.

Insured patient policy
All patients will be required to pay £100 deposit to cover and insurance excess and short-falls. This will be refunded if everything is covered by insurers.

Specialists in Female Health

At the Surrey Park Clinic our consultants are specialists in female health and offer tailored treatments at our comfortable, friendly private clinic at a time to suit you.
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